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25 February 2019

Music composers, lyricists receive Rs 13 crore in largest royalty payout

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MUMBAI: In the single largest payout of royalty to composers and song writers, the IPRS (Indian Performance Rights Society) distributed Rs 13 crore among over 2,000 members at a ceremony in Andheri on Monday.
Luminaries from the Hindi film industry arrived to receive royalty and cheer the recipients. Shravan of the Nadeem-Shravan duo, Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen, Jatin of the Jatin-Lalit duo, Shibani Kashyap, Sanjeev Darshan, Harmeet, Sudhakar Sharma, A M Turaaz and Prashant Ingole were among those who collected royalty.

This payout follows a prolonged churning over the functioning of IPRS, including a court battle, and change in IPRS’s constitution. Its board was revamped with Javed Akhtar taking over chairmanship. It was he who spearheaded this reform.
Akhtar said, “We changed IPRS constitution, held fresh elections and then conducted a series of meetings with music publishers (companies). It fructified in this goodwill gesture where six firms contributed this amount.” TV synchronization royalty was paid by PPL on behalf of Saregama, Sony Music, Tips, Universal Music, Venus and Aditya Music. It encompasses music utilized after 2012. “The IPRS board is trying to bring other publishers like T Series, Zee Music, Eros and YashRaj Music on board. I am sure they will be convinced on seeing the process has been streamlined,” said composer Raju Singh who is on the board of directors.
“Henceforth the monies will be paid on a log basis, which is the actual number of times a song is used by various segments, including radio stations, TV channels or downloads. Even Apple and Amazon have become members of IPRS so they will pay royalty from songs that users download,” said Singh.
Javed Akhtar spoke about various types of royalty from TV and radio broadcasts, ringtones, TV serials, song downloads as well as streaming. “I am pleased we could do something for these brilliant minds who have created such wonderful music. The happiness on their faces was so gratifying.” The business of IPRS is to issue licences to users of music and collect royalties from them, for and on behalf of its members— authors, composers and publishers of music— and distribute the royalty amongst them after deducting administrative costs.


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