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Kangabeats Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic and ambitious ‘Children’s Edutainment’ initiative that is committed to making learning a constant source of fun and excitement for youngsters by using the power of the audio-visual experience.

Since its inception in 2006, Kangabeats has successfully introduced several innovative teaching methods into the field of Child Education and Entertainment, including sing-along music albums, children’s theatre productions, puppet shows and other audio-visual teaching aids. At the helm of this visionary organisation is its Board of Directors – Indian music maestro Mr. Raju Singh, Ms. Sherley Singh and Ms. Lina Asher.

Kangabeats is the product of a successful alliance between Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd., a leading educational organisation, and Rachel Productions, a well-established production studio. For more information on Kangabeats Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., please e-mail us at kangabeat@hotmail.com

Today, music is being recognised the world over as more than just a form of entertainment. The combination of melody and words makes it the ideal learning aid for eager young minds. It has the power to not only increase concentration, retention, and brain activity, but also enhance vocabulary and language skills. That’s precisely why music remains the centre of the Kangabeats teaching method.

Mr. Raju Singh
Kangabeats Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

I find, in my experience both as a parent of two and as the Head of Kangabeats, that there is an acute need to add colour to today’s education system. Today, we are competing with on-demand TV and high-adrenaline video games to keep our children engaged. The fact is that we need to make learning more interesting for children. And, music is the perfect tool in that regard. Music makes learning fun; it’s a multi-sensory treat for growing minds.

Ms. Sherley J. Singh
Kangabeats Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

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